Making the world a kinkier place one knot at the time.

Upon first impression and without curiosity, the world of BDSM seems intimidating, perverted, dehumanizing or worse. In reality, BDSM is a loving, playful, nurturing & intimate form of human contact where the players ALWAYS arrange things in advance with clear, intimate communication, which creates a special erotic bond and develops trust. 

Squid Kink was founded on the belief that questioning and challenging the conventions we are taught about ourselves and the skin we live in gives us access to a deeper understanding of ourselves. 

Squid Kink aims to strip the misconceptions surrounding BDSM with safe inclusive spaces where anyone can learn, experience and practice safe, consensual and risk aware kink.    


Our Philosophies




Sex Therapy

  • Consent is essential and can change at any time.

  • Clear, Honest, Judgement Free Communication.

  • Fostering curiosity. Learning through experience.

  • Challenging that what you were taught not to question. 

  • Finding Beauty in the odd and unusual

  • Never let fear stop life and experience.