Pride Bondage

Beyond Fantasy

 Let your nerves become excitement. Leave fear behind and take my hand. With my tantalizing touch and a firm grip, I will take you deep into your thoughts and raw emotions.

This intimate experience will unfold the skin you live in and hold every inch of you on display. We will challenge what the world taught you was real. We will examine the truth and surrender to the forbidden voices. You will emancipate the person you were meant to be.   


The success of this journey depends on clear communication, respect and trust. The levels of consciousness within you vary deeply, and only a trusting hand can help you move between them.

You will learn to embrace the waves of energy, emotions and excitement on this journey of self-exploration. This journey can take you places you have only dreamed of. I am honored to be your guide into what lays beyond fantasy.  

Your boundaries will always be respected. Your limits will be pushed.