Take a picture, it last longer.

Picture yourself as a bound subject, a work of art in rope, and get a taste of the shibari / kinbaku experience. The photos are yours and yours are yours and yours alone.

Full Photo Session - $200 / 90 minutes

10-15 high-resolution photos.

I tie you up in a variety of rope patterns and positions, and take photos throughout. 


Short Photo Session - $150 / 60 minutes

5 high-resolution photos.

Portrait sitting. I tie you in one rope pattern and take photos.


How does this work?

Before we even meet, we’ll chat online about your abilities, limits and desires—specifically about why you want to be photographed in rope, how you’d like to present yourself. One goal would be to bring out some aspect of your kink/fetish personae in the photos, or show off a specific physical asset.

We will also have a brief discussion—in person—before starting, just to reiterate things, remind ourselves of the limits, and answer any last minute questions you may have.

We start by tying you with a basic rope pattern, something simple and not physically challenging, just to get a feel for your flexibility and reaction to being tied. We’ll shoot a few test shots this way to check lighting, colors, etc.

Once the basics are set up, I’ll add rope, change positions, remove and add more rope and repeat, taking shots throughout. It is also possible to include props and other gear if you’d like. The specifics depend on what look we’re going for and how comfortable you are in the scenario.

Once the shooting is done and the rope is off, we can relax, have some tea or juice and chat about the experience. The rope and bondage makes this far more intense than a regular photo shoot, so it’s important that we unpack our thoughts together before you leave.