Let me show you the ropes

Learn how to incorporate BDSM into your life. These 90 minutes workshops are hands-on. Great for beginners as they teach you about risk aware consensual kink and give you the confidence & skill you need to complete a BDSM scene.

One on One

This is a great option for those who wish to surprise a lover or level up their skills.     


One on One


Looking for a different kind of date night? We cut down the fluff and get down to business learning the rope work so that you can go home and put it all to practice

Private Party

Whether is your birthday, stag(gette), or simply something fun for you and your pals to do. We will adapt and tailor the material to your wishes and desires

Private Party

$300 (4 seats) + $25 per extra seat

Subjects of interest

BDSM Safety
Tying Chests
Impact play
Tying Hips
Essential Knots
Tying Limbs

About the workshops

  • Our workshops are perfect for beginners and those curious about rope bondage and consensual non-consent.

  • No previous experience is necessary. We will tailor the material based on experience and interest.

  • The workshop is hands on-learning. Be prepared to tie and be tied.

  • This is a safe space and everyone is welcome. All genders, bodies, sexual orientations and identities are welcome.

  • We provide the rope for you to practice with and will have Rope Kits for sale. (Hand spun, Hand treated Japanese Jute 2 x 15 feet + 1 x 30 feet + cotton blind fold + Safety and Rope Care 101 print out)

  • Dress comfortably. Leave your flowy outfit and bombastic pants home that day, loose stuff gets in the way! People often wear yoga or workout apparel.

  • For one-on-one's we might require the help of a model. A model fee might be required. 

  • This is a learning environment to learn knots on the sensual rope art. You can get sexy at home and practice what you learned.